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NuCèlle® Rx 30% Solution NuCèlle® Rx 45% Solution

NEW! At home weekly facials and body peels to blend skin tones
for the neck, chest, arms and hands....

With the NuCèlle® Rx Mandelic Marine Complex® 30% and 45% solutions it is now possible to augment your skin care regimen with weekly at home facials that you can leave on overnight. Under the supervision of your physician or skincare specialist, the 30% and 45% solutions can be used to blend and even out any inconsistencies of skin texture, skin tone or colour that might exist between the face and décolleté.

NEW! Highly effective treatment regimens for pregnancy mask, melasma,
hyperpigmentation age spots, sun damage or freckling...

The professional strength 30% and 45% NuCèlle® Mandelic Marine Complex® solutions are formulated to be non-irritating. They are used for spot treatment of the affected area under the supervision of your physician. Combined use of the 30% and 45% solutions, along with the NuCèlle® Five Step skin care regimen, help eliminate discoloration and even out skin tones, while refining pore size, improving skin texture, and promoting a healthy, polished, glowing complexion.

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