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Dear NuCèlle:

I am very excited to write to you about how thrilled I am with the NuCèlle Mandelic Marine Complex.

I have to admit, I was very skeptical about this skin care product. I have had severe acne since I was 9 years old. I have tried many skin care products and have had several facial surgeries - including a chemical peel. There are no products that I can buy over the counter. My skin is very sensitive and I usually will break out in a rash within the first day. I have also tried many "so called healthy or natural" skin care products that seem to work for other people. With my complexion, I was left with red blotchy skin or very dry skin that would start to peel. Now, as an adult, I have found only a few products that I can use with my skin. As I said, I was very skeptical about using this skin care product.

About 2 weeks after I tried using the NuCèlle, I noticed a significant change in my skin. First of all, I could use these products without irritation. This was incredible for me. The appearance was much smoother than it had ever been. There were no red blotchy spots. My skin was consistently the same- not oily or dry. My skin looked healthy for the first time since I was a child. My skin feels smoother and softer than it has ever been.

I recently spent a week in a very windy, dusty and dry climate. I saw my colleagues around me with dry, chapped skin. My skin however, seemed to have this healthy glow. I was extremely pleased.

I have been using the product now for over 2 months. I have not had any acne break-outs since I have been using the NuCèlle Mandelic Marine Complex. I truly am amazed at the changes with my skin. I am ecstatic to be using the NuCèlle Skin Care Products.

Thank you very much for providing me with this exceptional skin care product.

Jane Misener

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