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I want to thank the creators of NuCèlle for such a wonderful product. I am a 40-year-old dark, chocolate-skinned woman who has dealt with severe acne and scarring for the past 20 years.

Though I've tried many products and worked with dermatologists, I was unable to find a product that worked for my skin type. I took pills, put on ointments, dabbed on topical treatments. Everything was too drying, which caused cracking and scarring, or too oily, which caused more acne and scarring, and I've never figured out what the pills did for me.

Your product has calmed my skin. My open pores are smaller, no T-zone shine, no breakouts on my cheeks. Just smooth clear skin. The difference is just amazing for my skin type because there are so few products that work for black skin. The really amazing part is my husband is Caucasian with fair skin and Rosacea. For years he went to various specialists recommended by his doctor to get treatment for his skin. After years of medicines and topical treatments, he too has smooth, clear skin. His doctor even commented on it.

That your product can help with such extremely different skin types is what makes it so wonderful. My husband and I have found that we don't like to share our supply with each other so we each keep our own 'kit.' We would greatly appreciate the availablility of a Travel Size Kit. We would then be able to also share it with persons who inquire about the product we now use.


- Vida Ogilvie


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