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How and Why the NuCèlle® Rx Program Works

Look at a child's face and what do you see? You see healthy, polished, glowing skin. Why? Because the skin cells are rapidly turning over and any dead skin cells are being shed daily. As we age, the process of new cell turnover begins to slow down, and old dead skin cells begin to build up, cluding and dulling the complexion. Sun damage and hereditary factors, such as oily skin or acne, further compromise the appearance of the skin.

The NuCèlle® Rx Mandelic Marine Complex® Serum and Solutions are the heart of the NuCèlle® Rx system. They work by dissolving the glue-like protein substance that holds dead skin cells together. As the dead skin cells are unglued, they shed, often in layers, until they are totally removed. The NuCèlle® Rx products actually speed up new cell turnover, and promote the shedding of old cells on a daily basis, so your skin returns to the "fresh glowing look" of your youth.

Removing the Layers of Dead Skin Cells is Important!

Peeling is crucial to the "fresh new look" you want to achieve. Daily use of the NuCèlle® Rx Mandelic Marine Complex® Serum keeps the un-gluing process going.

Once the peeling process is complete, simple daily maintenance and proper sun protection will keep your complexion fresh and glowing.


Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Pregnancy Mask

The NuCèlle® Rx Mandelic Marine Complex® solution is a highly effective, professional strength product that delivers excellent results for treatment of melasma, hyper-pigmentation and pregnancy mask. The specially formulated products are non-irritating and safe for "at home" use. Your physician or skin care specialist will design a treatment plan specifically for your needs.



Non-Irritating Alternative for Glycolic Acid Sensitive Skin

NuCèlle® Rx Mandelic Marine Complex® products are compatible for patients with sensitive skin, or those patients who have been unable to use AHA or "glycolic" base products.


  Following Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing rids the skin of multiple layers of dulling skin cells. By using NuCèlle® Rx products, you prevent a recurrence of buildup, and keep the youthful, glowing look you've worked so hard to achieve.


Skin Rejuvenation for the Total Body

The NuCèlle® Rx Mandelic Marine Complex® serum and solutions can be used for all over skin care.

Your physician and skin care specialist can assist you in selecting a treatment program. They will blend the "New Look" of your face into a program that rejuvenates and refreshes the skin on your neck, chest and décoletté.

The NuCèlle® Rx system is also excellent for the arms, legs and feet. The non-irritating peeling process is excellent for smoothing crèpiness and improving skin texture as well as removing sun damage and age spots.


Problem Skin, Acne, Rosacea

The NuCèlle® Rx Skin Care System has been extremely beneficial in the treatment of oily and acne prone skin. The NuCèlle® Rx program rids the skin of blackheads, whiteheads and plugged pores within days. The NuCèlle® Rx System has also been successfully used for the treatment of rosacea and dermatological conditions associated with lupus. (See what users have to say.)

Reverse the Signs of Sun Damaged Skin

The NuCèlle® Rx Skin Care System aids in removing old sun damaged layers of dead skin cells. The improved quality and texture of the skin will result in better observation of any skin irregularities.


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