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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the maximum benefit from NuCèlle® Rx products?
You will get the maximum benefit from NuCèlle® Rx products if you follow our usage guidelines.

At what age should I start to use NuCèlle® Rx ?
As adolescence approaches, our bodies change significantly. Since our Marine Mandelic products fight the bacteria that cause blemishes, children can begin to establish a healthy routine early.

Who will benefit from using these products?
NuCèlle® Rx
products are formulated for all skin types as well as many different skin conditions. People with oily skin which often contributes to adult acne benefit greatly from these products. Conversely, people with dry skin problems also derive great benefits. Plugged or enlarged pores, discolouration and muddy complexions can also be resolved.

Can anyone use these products?
YES! Mandelic Marine Complex®
can be used on any skin type without any irritation. In fact, these products have been successfully used by patients who previously demonstrated a sensitivity to glycolic products.

Is it okay to go out in the sun?
Unlike many skin care products, NuCèlle® Rx does not cause any sun sensitivity. However, you are removing old skin cells and exposing new skin cells that can burn easily. Our Mandelic Anti-Aging SPF 15 companion product contains an SPF formula to help mitigate the damage. However, it is always advisable to be cautious. Always protect your skin before exposing it to U.V. rays.

Will the NuCèlle® Rx Mandelic Marine Complex® products replace Cosmetic Surgery?
No. Cosmetic lifts and tucks do not improve the quality of your skin. Healthy glowing skin is achieved by the removal of dull layers of dead and damaged skin cells that have built up on the surface.

What about new skin resurfacing procedures such as laser or chemical peel?
These are only temporary solutions. Once the skin is healed, additional layers of skin will build up and the complexion will become dull. You must have a skin treatment routine that prevents or interrupts this process.

How do these products really work?
The Mandelic LaserLift Serum (Step 3) works to dissolve the glue that holds dead skin cells together. Your skin can become dry and flaky at times because you are shedding the old layers of skin cells.

What should I expect during my first eight weeks of use?
As each layer of old skin cells is removed, so are impurities and discolouration. Therefore, your skin becomes fresh and vital looking.

How long do I use this product?
Once you have achieved your new look, it is important to maintain your NuCèlle® Rx regimen. If you stop your routine, skin cells will start to build up again, creating a dull complexion.


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